Prof. Dr. D.S. Mahalwar

IIMT is an academic temple of learning, which not only preserves our time tested myths, healthy traditions and great moral values of the past, but also opens our eyes to a vast ocean of scientific and technical progress which is being brought to light with each passing day. Hardly a day passes when researches are not being reported in the areas of computers, Bio Sciences, Management, Information technologies, Space and several other emerging areas.

Realizing its responsibilities and duties, IIMT is committed to preserve our cultural past and to take the country on the path of progress by ensuring quality oriented and research based on modern education through the introduction of the latest and most innovative courses in all the fields and areas of knowledge and learning to meet the present demands of the times in the global context. I feel happy to announce that several new courses have been started from this year to provide greater opportunities in the vocations / jobs for the students of Aligarh & neighbouring areas. I’m confident that in the enormous tast, IIMT will be able to achieve its ambitious goals by the active participation of all the teachers, technical and ministerial staff as well as the students.

Dr. D.S Mahalwar Founder Chairman

IIMT Group Of Institutions