Cultural Club

“RISE & SHINE” cultural club was established on 28-Sep-2017 (Session 2017-18) at IIMT College Aligarh under the supervision of Mr. Sambhu. K.N. Singh Rawat.

Member of Cultural Club

  • DR. Raka Bhatia (Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Vibha Agrawal (Co-Coordinator)
  • Dr. Madhu Chahar (Co-Coordinator)
  • Mr. Amar Chandra (Co-Coordinator)
  • Dr. Shelly Agrawal (Co-Coordinator)

The aim of establishing a cultural club was to create, generate, awareness, develop respect, and appreciation towards INDIAN ARTS, and also to motivate students to undertake projects to conserve traditional culture.

Cultural Club Events

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Drama
  • Instrumental
  • Mimicry/Momo Acting /Mime
  • Fine Arts

Event Details

  • The first inter-departmental competitions among students were organized in Oct 2017.
  • The next mega event organized by the cultural club was to conduct an Interschool and Intercollege competition in Feb 2018.
  • Nearly 75 schools and colleges in Aligarh District participated in this mega event. About 400 Students participated under various categories.
  • In this event, a singing competition was held at the college Auditorium & the drawing competition was held at the “lawns of Ghanta Ghar” Aligarh.
  • Another Mega event, “The student fest- Urja” was organized by the IIMT College in Nov 2018. In this event, all the cultural activities were organized by Cultural Club.
  • Apart from these, the regular programs of the institute- The Republic day, Independence Day, and The Teachers day are also organized by the cultural club.