Over the past decade, IIMT Aligarh has been recognized as an institution par excellence, dedicated to providing students with a strong scientific, technical, and holistic foundation that encourages them to be the initiators of creativity and seekers of solutions. It is arguably the Best College in Aligarh for Placements. We at IIMT take pride in our unswerving commitment to producing qualified professionals and future world leaders. Our goal is to prepare our students for gratifying and outstanding careers and not just jobs and hence place immense focus on academic coursework and professor-student interactions that enable one’s analytical framework to innovate optimal solutions to challenges.

Knowledge For Life, Skill For The Future

IIMT Aligarh prides itself on being the most prominent and active institute with a highly efficient program policy with guaranteed placement assistance. The institute has consistently been ranked among the Top 10 Colleges With Highest Placement Salary records. With international accreditations and recognitions, IIMT is a highly sought-after abode of learning, par excellence in all domains, teaching, research, holistic development, and career enhancement. The College has an efficient and resourceful Placement Cell with adept faculty members who work ceaselessly towards developing and grooming students to get their first placement in the fields of study. The College sustains valuable relationships with leading Indian and multinational companies. Each student undergoes rigorous and arduous placement training sessions throughout the year. They are taught to advance and strengthen their quantitative and qualitative aptitudes, improve their logical and analytical reasoning capability, and expand their verbal communication and reading comprehension skills. A typical ‘SCEian’ is expected to play a critical role in leading organizations they proudly will become part of.