Literary Club

Literature allows a person to step back in time and learn about life on earth from those who walked before us. We can better understand the culture and have a greater appreciation of them.

Literary Club is committed to tapping the effective communication talent among the students. The club is poised to enable the talents with cutting edge. The literary club gives wings to your skills where you can pen your ideas, thinking, and objectives.

Our club promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature, allocution, etc., among the students.

Aims of Club

The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the curriculum.

  • To encourage innovation and experimentation 
  • To Update the knowledge 
  • To Ignite for higher-order learning 
  • To enhance the quality of an academic transaction 
  • To bring out the potential 
  • To develop a discovery attitude
  • To demonstrate enthusiasm


To develop the literary skills of the students. Club inspires the students to build teste for literature and also works in the direction of educating they are spoken in writing language. Students will develop organization skills and persuasive skills. Help prepare students to work in a global community by teaching them about social, political, educational, economic, and moral issues.