Discipline & Anti Ragging Committee

As we know that the Discipline and Anti-Ragging Committee plays a crucial role in creating a safe and conducive learning environment for all students within the college campus and also know that Ragging can have severe psychological and physical impacts on students and can adversely affect their academic performances and mental well-being. Therefore, IIMT, Aligarh established A Discipline and Anti-Ragging Committee in its premises.

Members of the Committee

IIMT - Members of the Committee

Objectives of the Committee

The Discipline and Anti-Ragging Cell in a college typically has several key objectives:

  1. Maintaining Discipline: One of the primary objectives is our committee to ensure a helpful academic and social environment within the college campus by enforcing disciplinary rules and regulations.
  2. Preventing Ragging: Our Committee works towards preventing any form of ragging or harassment of students, especially fresher students, by senior students.
  3. Investigating Complaints: IIMT Discipline and Anti Ragging committee is responsible for investigating complaints of ragging and taking appropriate disciplinary actions against the perpetrators.
  4. Promoting Positive Student Interaction: Alongside preventing negative behaviors like ragging, the committee also works to foster positive interactions among students, promoting a culture of respect, tolerance, and inclusivity within the college community.
  5. Monitoring and Reporting: The committee continuously monitors the campus environment to identify any instances of ragging or indiscipline. It also ensures that accurate records are maintained and timely reports are submitted to the appropriate authorities.
  6. Creating Awareness: Our committee aims to create awareness among students about the consequences of ragging and the importance of maintaining discipline. This can be done through seminars, orientation and other awareness programs.

Disciplinary Procedure

IIMT - Disciplinary Procedure