Department of Life Science

The Faculty of Life sciences offers higher education in all the branches of biological sciences under one roof. It is an integrated unit of the five departments of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, and Zoology located in the same building. These five departments intend to impart up-to-date knowledge in modern science, with an inter-disciplinary, vocational, and social element. The Departments are well equipped with smart classrooms and laboratories with basic and advanced instrumentation. FLS also has a Bio-entrepreneur Laboratory cum workshop and a central analytical instrumentation facility.

Learning Pedagogy:

Teacher Clarity | Classroom Discussion | Feedback Formative Assessments | Metacognitive Strategies | Regular guest lectures | Regular educational visits | Regular industrial visits | Regular field exposures

Research Dimensions:

  • Radiation Biology
  • Phytochemical studies
  • Allelopathic studies

Academic Facilities:

  • Biotechnology Lab,
  • Microbiology lab,
  • Botany Lab Zoology Lab,
  • Bioresources center,
  • Chemistry Lab,
  • Synthesis Lab,
  • Central instrumentation facility,
  • Seminar Hall